Monday. A start to another week and workouts. Usually I look at the workout the night before to see what pain and discomfort I will enjoy the next night, but I forgot. So what a surprise this morning when I see a WOD called a “300 challenge”.

The name itself is not to pleasing as that means 300 of something, DL’s, KB swings, thrusters, whatever. While I dont get to worked up about these as I just go in a do them, it is always a bit worrisome when I have to look up a name of a movement as that means it is something we have not done a) ever; b) rarely; c) it is a new workout movement and we must try it. The name it self was not condusive to happy times, it was called a “floor wiper”. The movement is a bench press move from the floor while lifting both your legs to touch each weight on the bar while not letting the bar down. Who thinks these things up?

I managed a nifty 33:56 for a modified version. I would do better if I can get the pullups to comply with what my mind thinks it can do, alas, they do not. This is getting frustrating as I have problems with 25 Pullups using the #3 band. When will I see my first unassisted pullup?  I dont feel too bad after todays WOD, so I dont think I will need my wife’s walker for work in the morning, but we shall see how the knees feel. Dont think it will be that bad as there was not much work with knees.

I did check tomorrows WOD and there will be knees involved. the walker is looking better and better…