Weekends. They are an enigma, you want to rest but you end up doing more than when you are at work during the week, even with a workout thrown in.

I have so much stuff I need to get completed around the house that Monday to Friday’s are starting to look like a holiday. Not only did I commit myself to doing a run, albeit a short one, I still have to finish some renovations and then start the process all over at a different part of the house.

Yes, I did do the run in the morning and I measured it again and it is 500M both ways, so I should be able to take a shot at the 3K distance by July. No promises but I will try to do it. This weekend we had a number of fun things for the house, painting doors, taping, mudding of a small confined room under the stairs that had me squished and contorted that I got drywall mud pretty much everywhere. That is what showers are for removing excess drywall mud from hands, hair, elbows and knees. It is looking like a workout at the gym is less of a bother.

I have a blood boil from getting the drywall mud mixed, dont ask me how I did that. I can do deadlifts, pullups and just about anything else at Crossfit and not ruin my hands, but come home and I have nicks, cuts, blood boils, scrapes, even busted nails gawd I am getting soft (lmao).

While I was doing this I was thinking of Michelle who just purchased a new house and last time I spoke with her she had no heat as yet. She will be looking forward to the days at the gym as a rest. There is always something that needs your attention. The games WODs have been very interesting and these people are a little insane with the intensity. I am feeling it though as I noticed that I am spending a lot of time looking at the techniques of some of the leaders.

Am I going to be like them? I have noticed, even though my wife and others have mentioned it, that I am looking much better than 6 months ago. The belt size has gone down, the chins are less, legs and arms are much stronger and I wake up feeling good not like I am just passing time. Maybe that is why I have more drywall mud on me, more energy. I will soon be finishing the front room and then we can have a place to sit back again, insed of using the secondary rooms of the house.

Bring on Monday I need to get back to gym, I need the rest!!