Not much to say the last few days. My legs and knees took a fine beating this last week and the long weekend will help in facilitating the recovery. There is no pain but after all the power lifts and runs they were simply exhausted. Rest is just a good as working out for ong term gain. Meanwhile I have been doing some stretching to make sure I will be fine for Monday.

I also measured the distance from the corner of two roads up where I live to my house. The distances are just right for what I want to do. One corner is 500M and the other is 1.5K which works out perfectly for doing some Saturday/Sunday morning runs. I can start with the shorter distance and work my way up to the longer. Starting tomorrow morning I will be getting up and doing the short run on the weekends, basically a 1K dash, however in my case more like a turtle, oh well I will get better at it and I hope to start the 1.5K distance some time in June. Yes there are hills involved in the longer distance and I did say hills, plural, there are grade changes of approximately 100 feet for the first hill and the second hill has 100-150 feet of height change so it wll not be a easy flat run for the 3K when I get to that point.

I am also checking out some recipes for the Paleo Challange and I will be posting some of the good ones starting May 1st. I will have to see what the rules are for this challenge and what is considered Paleo and what will not be considered. I have checked many books and most are not consistent with the hunter-gatherer diet list of foods. This should be interesting.