it has been a few days again since our last posting. This time it is more fatigue than being lax in doing a post. I have done more running in the last week than I have done in the last 25 years put together. I am feeling the love of all those years right now as I am typing. I have stretched and then added tensor wraps to both knees so that walking tomorrow can be accomplished.

As I mentioned to Greg as I was doing my last round of SQUAT cleans, did I mention a few days ago how the squat is a staple diet in crossfit, “I didn’t think this goal was going to be easy.” And he was right in replying “nothing that is good for you is easy” (Sic).

I have signed up for the Paleo Challenge we are having starting May 1st and that should be interesting with the amount of people that will get involved. We are all a competitive bunch and when we do team events it shows. The Challenge should help drive the weight down another bunch, maybe we can get the number within the 200lb range, that would be nice.

With this challenge I will have to rethink some food projects as I can modify most regular recipes to fit the Paleo criteria. Most Indian and Thai and some French food do not even require changes to be made, yummy and I have at least 50 books of recipes at the ready to think of some way to make food taste great as I think the foodee project takes some liberties with their recipes if you are going to be doing paleo.

If anyone has tried the recipes I posted let me know how they came out for you. I am curious on what you think.