It has been a few days since the last post as I had some things to do around the house this weekend that were not for the most part Crossfit related. However I might have been wrong on that. With the house renos slowly starting to pick up again I noticed that my movements and the things that I need to move all had some form of workout movement.

Squats, burpees for getting up off the ground, overhead lifts all factored in to the work I did this weekend. The best thing was that I did not feel any of the old nagging pains after I finished at night. It is a strange and funny feeling catching yourself at doing a burpee when you get up without thinking. No one would know you did it other than another crossfitter and no one else would have a good laugh at it other than someone who knows what we do.

I am surprised at how my movements have changed since joining. Getting up from a chair, lifting boxes to store in the shed, getting things from off the ground, looking at the bottom shelf in a store or as mentioned before getting up off the ground after putting in some drywall screws all have me doing some sort of squat, burpee, power clean or deadlift. And I feel better after doing it because I am not sore and the objects can be moved much more easily.

I also wanted to state that I have finally broken some mystical barrier of 220 lbs for my weight loss. I have been hovering around that number for the last week and  a half, not moving one way or the other until Sunday. I am now 219.4 and the best part was that I did eat a lot on Sunday and that was what threw me off. I expected the number to be at 221 or 222 to start the week and I would have to really push to drop the couple of pounds I gained.

I also forgot to take a picture of the Indian Chicken dish I made on the weekend. I still have more leftover and will take a pic and post it tomorrow. MP and I are going to be experimenting with a Paleo Chocolate Mousse this weekend since other than the small of amount of sugar and chocolate everything else in te ingredient list is paleo friendly. We have talked about using a vanilla bean, cocoa and stevia; vanilla, unsweetened chocolate and agave syrup or some other combination.

Well enough about the food, it is one subject I can talk on for hours and hours.

The workout today was a grinder of five rounds of  5 handstand push ups, 10 power cleans, 15 burpees, 20 KB swings and 25 wall balls with a 3 minute rest between rounds.  I managed to get through it pretty good – time was not a concern as I wanted to do things right, I can always start to speed up later. If form and technique are solid then the time will take care of itself.

Till tomorrow