Not a long post today as it was a short and sweet WOD. 12 overhead squats and 7 burpee box jumps (20″).

It seems to me that this particular movement the Overhead Squat is one of the biggest goats most people have. Well I am going to conquer this by simple practice.

Warm ups consist of a number of movements and one of them is an air wall squat. I think I will alternate this with the overhead squat movement so that the arms can be “trained” into naturally going in to that position. The reason you ask is simple and most people who do this know, that when everything is aligned correctly; arms, shoulders, elbows locked, stance, ect. the movement goes real easy like the bar weighs hardly anything and you are doing just a front air squat. Practice is the only way I will get this movement.

The games WOD had the OHS in it and the scores are reflecting the difficulty of this. The best are starting to separate themselves from the pack. Squats and more squats are going to be the one thing that I will have to work on. We do an air SQUAT, a front SQUAT, a back SQUAT and an overhead SQUAT and some other squat that I probably missed. A lot of different squats with different arm and shoulder placement, with an up and down motion. This needs to be mastered.

Off to work I go…