OMG what a day yesterday was. This sinus infection has me beat. The insides of my sinuses were raw and bleeding yesterday, the bathroom looked like an abattoir, did Jason just leave the room? Every time I sneezed or blew my nose the fountain started, two hours of this crap and I have had enough. I give up. So I stuffed some tissues up my nose and off to the Doc I go.

He managed to get everything back to normal and gave me a prescription so that I do not infect other people like I was someone from Resident Evil. Good news, I looked much better than Saturday however I felt completely drained by 2pm at work. MP says that it was the blood loss and lack of sleep. I did not care I was dead tired and was not going to workout, that leads to silly preventable injuries. I am in this for the long haul and this is only the early stages of a year-long training calendar so one small early set back is better than one that happens later on in the training.

Nick wanted to get the recipes for the two dishes I made on Sunday and I must admit they tasted very good for lunch on Monday. So here they are:

Garlic mayonnaise – homemade

5 cloves of garlic; one egg yolk; 10-12 oz of olive oil; a teaspoon of lemon juice; salt and pepper to taste

I use the manual method of pounding the garlic in a mortar with a pestle to a fine paste, more work but better taste however you need a decent size mortar for the mayonnaise. If you don’t have a mortar than use a garlic press to crush and place in a bowl. Add egg yolk to garlic paste and continue to smash garlic; then add very slowly in a controlled drizzle the oil while mashing/mixing the garlic paste; after a few minutes it should look like regular mayo: after all the oil has been incorporated add the lemon juice and continue mixing. then add the salt and pepper to your taste. Makes a lovely spread for wraps or as a sauce for fish, meat, did I say it was a Mayonnaise.

Sweet potato, onion and pancetta salad:

4-5 sweet potatoes; one onion finely diced; pancetta (Italian style bacon), less fat than regular bacon and more flavour, olive oil and slivered almonds.

You can do this one two ways after the sweets are peeled and diced. Make the dice just like you would if you were making a regular potato salad. Remember it is your salad and if you like large pieces or small ones make it your way. after they are diced you can either boil them until tender or bake them until tender. I sort of do a combination, I par-boil them and place on BBQ grill for more flavour. Once they are done set them aside.

Place oil in large medium heated skillet and add onions and pancetta. Cook until onions are golden and soft and the pancetta will be ready by that time as well. Then add to sweet potatoes, mix well and top with slivered almonds.  

Nick I hope you enjoy this – and after doing a quick read of this I did not just have the garlic mayo and salad for lunch. I used the mayo as a spread on the chicken wrap I made that I had with the salad. 

Tonight is the guy with the Skins recovery wear and that should be interesting. I can see a lot of money leaving my bank account.