Today I made a small victory in the overcoming obstacles part of improvement.

While I was not in the best of health, taking meds and still congested, I did a partial WOD today. While this may not seem like much, to me it says that if I really want to reach my goal, I will have to make some tough decisions. While I smart enough to know when I needed rest, as soon as I felt that I could focus for longer than an hour at work, I should be able to manage to do a WOD.

Today’s was as good as any to start back, 4 rounds of 400M run, 24 box jumps (24″) and a 12 front squats (70lbs) the prescribed weight was 135lb. I managed to do 2 rounds in 15:43 and considereing I did a WOD called Heavy Helen on Mar 24 which had 3 rounds with 400M runs in it at 17 and change, you know there was something wrong with me. However I did do the 2 rounds and I feel better for doing it. I am not listless and probably should have done a third round, but I would have felt like crap and too rundown after. We’ll see how tomorrow feels if I was smart to do this WOD.

I posted the recipes for the mayo and salad in my last post and Jonathan if you want to make good mayo all you have to do is remove the garlic ingredient, add another egg yolk and one tablespoon of good mustard (not French’s). Use Maille.

With the way I am feeling I need some hearty food with some kick… East Indian food will give this bug a good whipping and will clear any sinus blockages. While I lived in India I gathered many recipes from my friends and co-workers  families and never once fell ill, in fact I lost weight since they eat a paleo style diet almost everyday. 

Even though butter is used it is clarified, in other words melted and the solids or white foam is removed. They call it Ghee, North Americans and Europe say it is clarified butter, whatever.

So tomorrow I will make Chicken Handi Lazeez or delectable chicken from the cooking pot. All ingredients can be found at Sobeys or Atlantic Superstore. I feel better