Woke up today looking like I just got hit by a bus. This bug has taken some good whacks at me and last night was bad. Sinuses were bleeding, lips swollen, eyes puffy all that was missing was me calling out “Adrian” and it would have been a classic Rocky scene.

So after some Buckley’s and a coffee I decided I needed some good food, one can only do so much with a green salad, I needed some substance and the comfort of making something in the kitchen.

I also mentioned in my last blog that I will be posting some recipes as after looking at some of the one’s that have Paleo idea’s I decided that most of mine taste better than what they have.

Needing something for the week to add to a chicken wrap I decided to make some Garlic Mayonnaise – easy enough to do with olive oil, an egg yolk and garlic. For the side dish a simple sweet potato, onion and pancetta salad with slivered almonds. The finished product is pictured here.

I am still working on how to do these on the blog – so if you are interested in the recipes post a comment and I will send it to you.