It is the end of my first week back after my vacation and I did not die or make a fool of myself. In fact I think the week went pretty good considering I have this bit of congestion that I have had since since Monday. I did three WOD’s and did a simple demo at a Simply for Life convention, too bad it was very stuffy in the hall as all of us struggled with the heat, there was a good crowd watching so hopefully more people will join.

Tonight was an interesting WOD, in fact there were two WOD’s. The first consisted of deadlifts with a twist: you calculate 60% of your maximum DL – mine is 265lbs. My 60% is 172 lbs so I went with 170lb and then you place a elastic band aorund the two ends of the bar, stand on the band and do a deadlift. The real struggle is that it should be a slow drop down and that band wants to pull the bar down. I had to drop the weight to 140 for the last 4 pulls, I am not happy with doing so. I was developing bad form so it was better to do that than to injure myself. It was 1 rep on the minute by 10.

The second WOD was 35 air squats and a 60M KB farmers walk – I used 45lbs almost the prescribed weight of 50lbs. The was a Amrap in 6 minutes and I did 3 rounds – not bad for the way I feel.

I noticed that on our club site/blog there are some recipes and that gave me an idea to include some recipes on my blog. I have seen some of the recipes and at the Simply for Life convention the samples that people brought in were okay. I know I can do better than half of them and looking at the recipe on the club site for today – I have made better tasting versions. So look for that in the coming days, I will just have to figure out how to put in on the blog.  

Until next week – as I have some presing issues around the house that need attention – that will probably be a workout in itself. Unfortunately I have no time for the gymnastics seminar on Saturday I think it would be very helpful. 

One thing I will have to work on next week is trying to get just one double under completed. I feel that it is bothering me long enough and why did aai get a skipping rope if I am not going to use it. The next goal is an unassisted pullup.

By the way at the end of this week I now weigh 221 lbs a loss of 5lbs since March 20th with a trip to Paris, the city of bread, butter, fresh food and desserts. I think that deserves a round of applause. Maybe I should take more time off and then come back… NOT!!!

Maybe I will figure out this blogging thing eventually.