This was an interesting show.  The point I guess was to demonstrate healthy living, well being, eating and fitness. Main speaker was Bruce Sweeney from Simply for Life.

Our group, Crossfit Saint John, did a small workout before everything got under way. The workout was one round of “fight gone bad” – that is one minute  of each of the following ; wall balls, push press, box jumps, sumo deadlift high pulls, and a row for calories. There are two versions of this 3 rounds and 5 rounds, oh I forgot that you do get one minute of rest after each round and then start over. 

Thank goodness we only did one round I would have died for sure, not good for promotion. As mentioned in my earlier post I think I have a sinus infection and now I am sure of it. I could barely breathe after the round and literally was going through the motions of rowing at the end. I am now hacking up a lovely bunch of mucus. I know it does not sound beautiful, but hey it ‘s my blog, post comments as I read every one of them.

I am very happy I did the demo as I think people got the impression that anyone can do it and you dont have to be young, in good shape, or very athletic. Greg and Ben showed what you can do at one level, Sherri at another and then me. My wife heard lots of comments about how good Sherri looked, mostly about her definition and when she does the workouts, she goes all out everytime even with “squishy” the knee bubble.

Ben did hit his head with the bar on the push press, but I think that was mostly due to the fact there was no weight on it and he was throwing the 45 lb bar up with relative ease.  When I was at the box, I noticed Greg just pumping the bar up and if I did not have Sherri beside me I dont think I would have done as well as I did.

The one thing I did not feel, is embarrassed not to be the best, nor the fastest or who did the most reps and that is what I think this is all about. Everyone at the gym knows the limitations of everyone else and when one achieves a personal record(PR) everyone is genuinely thrilled for them, even if it is one unassisted pullup, a new time for rowing, or more points in one of the other WODs.

I know it will be a challenge to reach my goal of making the games, and I think everyone knows that, but they do not care, they just want me to do my best.  Everyone has some goal, for some at the gym it is to be successful at making the cut at football camp,  others to pass training for fireman or police and others it is just to be in better shape. No one judges any of us except ourselves, some are more harsher critics of ourselves at what we did or did not do.  

So I will push on tomorrow.