Today was more like it.  Nothing like having a WOD that wants to tear your shoulders out of their sockets to say “Welcome Back Bread Boy”.

What was it you ask? 5 rounds for time of 15 Deadlifts, with a side of 10 Handstand Pushups with a simple helping of 5 Muscle Ups. The prescribed weight for the Deadlift for men is 225lb, I used 155 which is the female prescribed weight, smartest thing I did all night. As for the Handstand Pushups, I used the tires as I have not even considered doing a handstand yet, the Muscles Ups were a definite no as I have not even tried one andd they do not look very nice to do, Tom did a amazing job of this as he did all 25 muscle ups.

I am really fealing this one tonight. One thing I do not like with the HSPU’s is, first, my shirt wants to fall down and I do not like to tuck it in. Second, all the sweat goes into your eyes and that burns. Third, I do not have a graceful way of getting off the tire when I have finished  – I look like a birthed calf of a cow when I finish doing them and hit the floor. Maybe I will watch some  cirque du soliel clips for a better dismount.

My time for this WOD was respectable for me, it was a  big improvement as I did the pullups with a #3 band and that felt good, am already thinking that I will give the #2 band a go of it sooner. The dips were simply awful as I could not even do one full dip before dropping like a sack of crap. This is another goat that I will have to work on, how many more goats can one  person have?  I am starting to feel like a shepherd with all the goats I have.

Tomorrow I will not be coming in as I have to clean up the laundry from the trip and get caught up on everything since it was end of month. 

I know is is a short one tonight but I am beat and my eyes are still burning.