Today was the first day back after 9 days in Paris. What a nice break from just work itself, but I did set a goal and I am going to keep to it. This first week back will be a little light on doing some things and todays’ was no exception.

50 Power Cleans, 50 Wall Balls and 50 KB Swings as fast as you can or as we say “for time”.

I must admit I was a little nervous on this due to the wall balls – squatting is not my knees favourite thing  to do but in for a dime in for a dollar as they say. I also needed to lose the weight that I gained while over in France, damn those French people for making such tasty bread, however I only gained 4 lbs from my starting weight. Not bad, it was all the walking that we did that helped keep that in check.

Lets get today rolling as it has been a long day with the plane arriving at 2315 and by the time we got home it was close to 0030 and we had to be up for 0600 for work and I want to finish this quickly tonight.

The WOD was really a simple one, nothing too strenuous and you could push yourself pretty good if you wanted, so I must thank MJ for this. I did not being this was the first day back and the last thing I need is to get injured or hurt doing something stupid and then miss more time.

Used 80lbs for the power cleans, a 10lb med ball for wall balls and a 35lb KB. My time  of 14:33 was not bad considering that when I started I would not have even thought of using those weights. The good news os that I lost almost 2lbs just from tonight (1.8lbs) and I wanted to lose 1lb a night for the first week back, so I am ahead of schedule on the vacation weight loss. The next step is to continue with the weight loss as I feel that would be a good key on getting some more strength if I could do the same stuff with less weight would make me a little quicker and if I keep the same strength then theoretically I should be stronger.

On our site I see that Leah has done two unassisted pullups and I am so jealous and glad for her, as that is where I want to be. I now refuse to use the #4 band to assist me in my warm up pullups, even if that means I have to do two sets of 5 pullups or however else I want to break them up. I need to get to Leah’s achievement point soon.

Tomorrow is another day and I did want to keep it short tonight.