Today we walked around Paris… all day. First we started by going to Parc Monceau, a lovely park in the 17th Arr. As we were walkingaround trying to avoid the scores of people doing various forms of running, some doing a nice pace, some a jog, some walking and some running like me trying to survive 400m around the block. Then I saw something that made me take notice right away, in a far corner of the parc, I had to rub my eyes to make sure, yes it was a bucking furpee, people doing 6 burpees and running a distance and then doing it again for time.

Had I found Crossfit Paris? Was it going to be that simple? Can I get some shirts for the group back home?

No such luck, just some crazy british guy running some people through an aerobic workout. He had heard of crossfit as he said aren’t those workouts girls, had to think of what he just said. did he just insult me? Then he repeated it and I caught what he was saying, as he is not from North America, he knew the workouts were named for different girls, relief, I did not have to smack him. Bloody foreigners LOL.

We then decided to leave the parc and take buses and walk around Paris. The weather was sunny and warm, 18C, beautiful for this idea. So we walked and walked and walked took a bus and walked. It was at this point Marie-Paul asked if she can get shin splints from all this walking as she was starting to feel sore shins frm all the walking. I am not sure and so I pose this question to anyone, can you get shin splints from walking too much? Does anyone know?

I do know that sitting too much makes your legs tighten up after walking all day. Another thing to remember is that soccer/football is the number one sport over here. Here is why. A qualifying match for the Euro 2012 between two powerhouses ( I jest) Morocco and Algeria, was a near riot while we were walking on the Champs Elysses. Flares going off, cars honking horns, police out in force to stop any big problems, and chairs being thrown around the place and they have not even played the match yet!! Imagine what happens when one of them wins.

The plan for tomorrow is for us to go to crossfit france – but things can change like the weather.

Until tomorrow.