The started off good and got better as it moved along.

Started off with a morning warm up of 20 air squats, 20 lunges, 20 situp, 20 pushups and 20 chair dips. That loosened me up after great sleep from the long day before. Breakfast, of course, at the hotel was it’s normal great selection of croissants (I will pay for those next week), juices, coffee, yoghurt, cold cuts, eggs, sausages and cereals (which I don’t have).  Then a fun day fo wandering through the streets of Paris.

I have started to get used to this keyboard, with it’s letters and numbers all in different positions. The keyboard is set up for Europeans of course and they do not use the same symbols or have the same need for where keys are placed on the keyboard. The qwerty keyboard is actually azerty and if I hit the (,) key any more for an m or have to look for the period(.) I will limit my typing, but it is improving and I will probably go nuts at work when I start to type a word. Forget the hunter gatherer as I am now a grass fed hunt and peck keyboard person. If there are any words thqt have an (a) in them it probably started with a (q) before I corrected it.

As mentioned we started to just wander on this Sunday. Marie-Paul wanted to go to the antique market to look at what was there, however the directions took us to a street maket that looked like a gigantic yard sale, no antiques there, however it was interesting to see what people can hawk to each other, toasters, shoes, old movies, record players, chairs, beds you name it and it was probably there. Then we found my market, which is the food stalls, fresh veggies of all sorts, fish, fruits and nuts, dried fruits then the cooked foods of roasted chickens and some stall selling the best looking north African dish of chicken and veggies for 6 euros.

After that it was time to get on the bus and get this, I could have done the pullups as there was guy doing them at the back of the bus, Marie-Paul and myself busted up at that and I will keep that in mind later on. Decided to go to Musee D’Orsay and look at the Van Gogh’s, Monet’s, Gauguin’s and the station itself. Got some great pics of it as it used to be an old train station and what a station simply beautiful.

The Gypsy’s have new scam where they drop a ring in front of you and try to get money out you by letting you keep the ring and because they found it want a finders fee or let you have it for good luck. They work in teams of two it is most entertaining almost like the three card monte version in New York.

Tomorrow will be another day of wandering and Tuesday or Wednesday  we will go to Crossfit France.