Late post tonite – packing for a vacation, cleaning, cooking and finally sitting down to rest takes a long time . It is all worth it as Paris looms large in the next 24 hours.

Today was an interesting day. The eve before a vacation and also trying to remember where crossfit france(paris) is located. I had the location found in December and want to visit it to get some tees for the group. The other interesting part was how will I do with “Heavy Helen”.

In my last post, I mentioned that you will hear the names of many females during the year. NO I will not be trying to get up close and personal with them, if ya know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink, however I will try to do as many of them as I can.

Today Heavy Helen. A 400m, 21 KB (kettle bell) swings and 12 C2B (chest to bar) pullup and do it three times kind of girl. The prescribed weight for the KB for men is 70lbs, I used 40lbs as I figured if I can do 100 KB swings with 35lbs I can surely do 63 of them with 40lbs.

My concern was not with the KB or the C2B’s, it is the run. We had just did 3 rounds of 400M on Tuesday and I was not sure how I would hold up. Not used to that much running in a short period of time, in fact the last time I went 1200M in one go, I was driving. Running and myself are not friends, however today I did the lap around the block of “400M” actually 434M in 2:55 as I checked the clock, as for the other lap times they probably went south and got oranges. 

When I improve my times running I will be much better with my stamina and my times will come down. The time for Heavy Helen was 17:23 and the best partof this workout is that my back is not sore, so I did the KB swings correct, if not then my lower back would have been sore. I distinctly remember Greg telling me not to use my back but my knees, hips and buttocks to “throw” the weight up the arms are just a pendulum. It did make a difference as thrusting my hips or squeezing my “cheeks” together took less effort than trying to use the arms to lift a 40lb KB.

I was disappointed a bit as I wanted to go under 17 minutes and missed that opportunity when I could not get the pullups done quickly – they cost me some time . 

Almost done tonite and I wanted to check the scores for the open for masters men – 20th place has 3 rounds plus 30 double unders and 13 power snatches. I will be checking the totals as they change, but what I think I might do is get the WOD’s they used and work on them after 6 more months, that should give me an idea of where I stand.

I will be travelling the few days and will only post the next blog probably Saturday.

Until then… tomorrow is another day