Today was supposed to be a mobility day. Turned out to be not a great one. My good intentions were sidetracked with watching my crossfit family members do the first round of the regionals either again or for the first time.

Yes I did go through my warmups and some strength conditioning. It is actually a deload week so nothing to strenuous about the day. However I was supposed to do some mobility exercises to get some range of motion back and only did a minimal amount of it. One reason was the videos on our site are not for mobile devices – so I will have to load them on my phone for future reference.

The real fun is watching everyone compete, then my intensity level starts to go up and I want to basically shout in their face to move, just like I did when I was competed in something. If I thought I could get a teammate or someone else to dig deep I would do almost anything to get them to find that next level or something that would get them through and I get very vocal. Most times I am not that way, but when there is a competition I am a different person.

My wife said that when I decided to get ready for the 2012 Games, my whole demeanor changed and she noticed that I more intense on getting through the WOD. Maybe that is what I was missing, that carrot of the games and saying to myself I can do that, it is not that difficult ( it is but I believe it is doable) to make the top 20.

That is another thing I found out, it is amazing what you find when you read the rules. Masters competitors only have the 6 weeks of WOD to get the best time. One shot, no second chance, no coasting through a regional because you know you can beat them, thus saving yourself for a sectional. It is one and done. One week can kill you when you have that, so I will have to be more focused on the goal and avoid days like today or minimize them drastically.

Tomorrow is another day and it will be very interesting as it involves another bunch of running.  You will start to hear the names of females in the coming blogs as some WOD’s are named for females and some for Heroes. Tomorrow’s is Heavy Helen – 3 rounds for time of 400m run, 21 kettlebell swings (70/53) and 12 chest to bar pullups. It has been my past experience that I have not liked any of the named female WOD’s, this I can tell will join that group.

Thank goodness it will be my last WOD before a planned vacation to Paris and I will see about getting to the Paris Crossfit location to get some tees.

If you do read this blog, make a comment – tell me I’m nuts, good luck, hello, why are you doing this, anything.

Oh by the way CrossfitSJ games competitors you did a awesome job.