Another day has been completed. This time I did not let the WOD win.

It was a good day from the start. At work I made a sale (yeah) as it has been a slow year in my territory with school cutbacks, the economy not sharp etc., etc., and that adds some cash to the old bank account. Need that as it provides a mental lift after yesterday’s beatdown by WOD.

Todays lovely piece was a combo of 21-15-9 and running which is not my best event, it is a goat. If you are not a crossfit person or fitness person, a goat is something that you are not that great at and the event needs work. Unfortunately the only way to get better at running is more running. There is no strategy in the beginning just get going and put one foot in  front of the other and don’t stop. Eventually you can do it faster at least that is my theory. Hey, if Einstien can come up with a theory that is impossible to prove I can have mine.

Back to today’s WOD 21-15-9 deadlifts, the prescribed weight for men is 225, women 155, I did a challenging 170 lbs. In between each count is a 400m run. At our location we have no track so we run around the block, distance is approximately 430m a little longer but who cares I am dead after 250m. Need more stamina as I was panting like a fat kid at a candy shop and no I dont care about being Politically Correct. Obese people, if you dont like it get in shape unless a  medical condition is the reason and being too sore is not a reason it is an excuse. Enough of my rants for now.

Time for today 17:23 – I felt I did pretty good, back is not sore from Deadlift which means I lifted correctly. I managed to keep form through all and to me that is important, as improvement will follow if you do it right you can train the brain to be on automatic everytime and muscle memory will not let you do forget. 

Simply put I won the deadlift part. As for the run, it was a massacre, I got up to the first corner afetr the 21 DL’s and saw my life flash before me, and two me’s arguing one going keep moving and the other wondering if the people that I passed at the bus shelter knew CPR. I was right behind Tushar at that point and he probably thought a elelphant was panting behind him, nope just me doing a right foot, left foot and repeat till you come to a door, hopefully not emergency, then pick up your 170 lb bar and lift.

While I did not win todays WOD I did not lose.

Until tomorrow and remember for good time call Fran 21-15-9