Well I managed to survive today’s WOD. Simply 100 overhead squats with 95 lbs and if you have to put the bar down for any reason, the penalty was 10 toes to an overhead bar. 

Sounds like fun doesn’t it.  I said I was doing this to make the Games not do them today, so I scaled it as I have only done the OverHead Squat (OH Squat) twice before for a grand total of 40 reps.

I worked on form/technique with a wooden dowel – the reason is quite simple – do it right so that I can do it with weight later with hopefully no issues. And if you think holding long wooden stick over your head and squatting is easy – try it. If you are like me you probably leaned forward or had your arms tilted forward and that is not good when there is a lot of weight over your head.

The good news is that I finally got it right around rep 70 when everything seemed to gel. The arms felt like I had nothing in them and I was able to move comfortably up and down with relative ease.

The bad news is that I dropped the bar 6 times during this and had to do 60 leg raises as at this time I am not capable of lifting my legs up over my head so that my toes can touch the pull up bar. However that will come, don’t worry about that.

Today was also not a good day in terms of rest, my wife’s plane was delayed in both Vancouver and Montreal so instead of arriving at 23:08 only made it in at 00:14 and with a 70 minute drive home, unpacking and getting up at 06:00 it was not the best of days. Lack of proper rest is not good for anybody who goes to workout.  

All in all not a bad day – but the score still stands WOD 1 – me zero

Tomorrow is another day