Hello anyone,

This is going to be a very interesting experience and I think a fun ride. You may be asking yourself what in the world is this, just another blog. Maybe. Who knows and cares. The only thing that matters is what I do and if I am silly enough and have the perseverance to make it through this. I know I will get all kinds of support from friends and maybe some people who just like to read blogs.

The reason for this blog is that I am going to enter a competition called the Crossfit Games. You can look it up if you want, it will give you some idea as to what I am about to undertake. I will be in the Masters Class of the comp – 50-54 for this and next year. 

The goal is the be able to make the Games. I will have to get through all the qualifiers in each section and I have no idea how many rounds that is. Probably so many for each region – then do a regional and probably a sectional then who knows.

Let’s set the table or bar or as in boxing here is the tale of the tape:

Height: 5’10” Weight: 226 lbs (just jumped on scale, the surprise B’day party really added some pounds) Age: 53 (will be 54 July 11)

Mobility is not the best – but that can improve as my body did have it – lack of exercise limits almost everything and it was not through injury that touching my toes is not possible today. Ligaments and tendons can be stretched just have to be careful from the start.  

Monday will be the first day of the countdown to Games 2012 – this year will be a benchmark year (let’s be real here). I will have to watch what I eat, in other words no off the cuff eating and keep focused on the end goal.

My plan is to get to a Games weight of  190 – 200 lbs and to be able to do all the basic elements of the Crossfit at prescribed numbers in 6 months more or less. Then start fine tuning all the weaker points of those elements. This means in the gym 5 -6 days per week, sometimes doing a WOD (workout of the day) other days just stretching, working on mobility or technique. I usually do 4 WOD’s per week since I started 4 1/2 months ago. It just means another couple of days, but not doing a WOD.

So that is it. Stay tuned for all the fun, pain, injuries (there will be some) just need to limit them to small ones, fatigue, stress, frustration and joy.

My doctor will love this. I should lose the weight he says I need to, lower my blood pressure and visit him less often for those items. Hopefully I won’t need to see him for injuries.